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Japantown // Ichi Ban Kan

Ever since washi tape found a way into my heart, my love for all things Japanese has intensely grown. To be honest, I've never paid much attention to any Asain culture's designs/crafts, etc. My love for everything French overtook it. But now, I'm really loving Japanese design and I'm learning lots about it. While I was in San Francisco, Kirsten and I made a quick detour to Japantown to check out a few of the stores. I had never been to them before. Ichi Ban Kan is basically a "dollar store" except everything is $1.50. That's right, everything in these photos are only a $1.50! I was on the search for washi tape, but I found paper tape. It's a little different because it's made out of a stiffer paper then washi paper. It's not transparent and it is more shiny. However there are some amazing patterns! 

I'm also really enjoying playing around with Origami. I love how these little boxes are perfect for holding tape! 

What do you love most about Japanese crafts/design?


Mid-Century Notebook // DIY

I recently picked up these amazing mid-century shapes stamps from Judikins at the Portland Rubber stamp show. You can order from them these stamps online - they have lots of retro stamps to choose from! Once, I got these, I knew I wanted to use them in a special way. Why not add some flair to these simple notebooks? Here's a quick and easy project that you can do with any type of stamp! 


I used moleskin notebooks, dye based ink pad, and stamps. Use a dye-based ink pad so that the ink will not rub off or smudge. It dries very quickly, much more than a pigment-based ink pad. 

Start the pattern by stamping off of the page. Stamp the front and back covers.

Add washi tape to add some color and pop to the spine. 


I'm loving this eames replica pattern stamp!


Some projects don't always turn out as expected. I had tried to image transfer using a blender pen onto the cover of this notebook, but it didn't work how I had wanted it to. The colors and pattern were not bright enough. I didn't want to waste this notebook, so washi tape comes to the rescue! Covering the notebook turned out to give the perfect result! 

Even though I have an iPhone, there is nothing like actually writing down notes. I've found that the process of writing helps me remember tasks and ideas. Even if I don't refer to the notes, the act of writing it down helps solidify it in my mine. Making these notebooks is just the inspiration I needed to start getting more organized and making lists! I'm planning on using one as an idea notebook, another as a weekly planning/to-do list, and the other for various thoughts. Usually, I only carry one notebook, but it's never vary organized as there are too many subjects/different uses occurring in the same notebook. My dad always has had multiple notebooks going at once, I think I'll follow in his foot steps this time! 

What do you use to stay organized? Do you use a notebook?




DIY // Washi Tape Valentine Cards


If you're anything like me, you can't stop buying japanese washi tape! At Collage, we have it in truckloads as we've just received lots of new colors. I was inspired to try something with it and after seeing this pin, from a Norwegian blogger, Moa og kaffekoppen. I knew I had to make them!



I hope that these inspire you to make some cards of your own. 
Happy Friday!