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Before & After // Saarinen Executive Chair

I've been really excited about taking on re-upholstering this chair for awhile now. Chris picked it up a couple of months ago, but it's been at the bottom of the pile. Now that I'm a full-timer, I started on this chair this first week at my "new job". It is a Saarinen Executive Chair. For a little history on the designer, Earo Saarinen, click here. But for a quick recap, he's the creative mind behind the infamous womb chair, tulip table and chair, plus renowned as "Shaping the Future".



Back to my chair: 

This chair was incredibly dirty & smelly! I wouldn't be surprised if there was actual urine in this chair, gloves were a must! I actually thought these photos don't show enough of the grime, they make the chair look good! 

one) First I started by striping the chair of its fabric. This chair was assembled with nails and each nail must be removed. All of this was done outside as the process was incredibly disgusting! Re-upholstering is usually anything but glamorous! ;) 

two) As I started seeing what was underneath, I wasn't too surprised. The old foam had harden and turned to mush. With a scraper, the old foam was removed to show the fiberglass shell. 

three) Here is the top of the chair with an original number layered inside of the fiberglass. It was interesting to find this. 

four) After carefully cutting all of the pieces, I decided it was best to follow the sage advice of many books to make paper patterns. This helped tremendously! In fact, I'm saving them in case (Chris says when), we find one again. 

five) Pinned patterns to new bright red wool to cut! Side note about fabric: Finding the right fabric is always very difficult. Many times there is multiple trips to Fabric Depot. In this case, I spent hours at Fabric Depot, Jo-Ann's (bought fabric, but wasn't thrilled with it when I arrived home), Fabric World (NEVER go here, it's in North Portland and it a complete waste of a drive), the Whole 9 Yards (great shop, but not enough options unless you want to special order and wait 3-4 weeks), and finally Mill End Fabrics. Last time I went to Mill End, I thought I'd never return, I really didn't like the selection four months ago. This time, LOVED IT! So, so, so many fabrics that I'd love to use in my pieces. Plus I learned they just ordered over 100 of new bolts, many that are textured solids (my personal fave!). Plus they honor Fabric Depot's coupons! I'll definitely be making the drive to Mill End more often! 

Here is the after! I'm super pleased with how it came out! I knew this chair would be a challenge and it was! All of the curves = bumpy fabric! It's not perfect, but pretty close! I couldn't be more pleased! 

Many of the seams had to be hand stitched with a blind stitch. Lots of love went into this chair, but well worth it! It will soon be for sale on etsy, (I'll update this post with a link when it's live), or you could buy the current version from Design Within Reach (or out of reach depending on who's talking)  for lots of money! ;) 


Before & After // Kodawood Chair

Last weekend, we picked up many chairs at a sale, I wanted to start on this chair first. At first glance all you see is the ugly fabric, but then you see the beautiful lines! In addition to it needing an overall, the bottom springs were broken. As I started to strip off the old fabric, this beautiful vintage fabric was underneath the top portion of the seat. I contemplated leaving it, but soon discovered the bottom seat did not have this vintage fabric. So, off everything went! Surprisingly, the back of the top portion has a beautiful wood finish. Previously this had been hidden by the fabric. I decided to keep with the original wood. 

After stripping everything, re-webbing the bottom seat, and installing new foam cushions, I chose this fun, textured, orange fabric. One of the hardest parts of upholstery is choosing the fabric (I've been known to spend days searching all of the fabric stores in Portland)! However, this piece was pretty easy, I had picked up this orange fabric previously and I knew this would be the right piece to use it on. I love how the colors of the wood and fabric play off of one another. 

Hopefully, you all aren't getting tired of my reupholstery photos! I have a great one coming up tomorrow! :) If you're interested in purchasing this chair, it's for sale here. 



Craft @ Portland Flea!

I'm thrilled to announce that at the September Portland Flea, you not only get to shop for amazing vintage goods, but you also get to craft and create with them too!

On Sunday, September 16, I'm hosting three different vintage craft classes. They are all unique and teach a project and/or skill. Interested? Here's all of the information:

- - - - - - - - - -

Learn to make beautiful glass tile pendants and magnets! I love the organic look of these glass tiles, it magnifies and gives a beautiful glow to the image. You will have an assortment of vintage ephemera to choose from: children books, magazines, postage stamps, and more!

All materials will be provided for this class. To sign up click here, you will be directed to the eventbrite site where you can pay via paypal to reserve your spot!

- - - - - - - - - -

Postage stamps hold so many memories and nostalgia, I've always loved them! In this class, you will make a monogram collage using vintage stamps. It makes the perfect addition to your bookshelf or a unique, personalized gift!

All materials and tools will be provided for you, even a vintage frame!

To sign up, click here! You will be directed to eventbrite site where you can pay via paypal to reserve your seat!

- - - - - - - - - -

Come learn how to recover a lampshade from start to finish! You will learn how to make a custom pattern straight from the lampshade, use bias tape to seal the edges and more. Once you've made one, you won't want to stop!

All materials and tools included, except fabric. There will be an assortment of vintage lampshades to choose from. Please bring 1 1/2 yards of fabric. This could be vintage fabric, home decor, or quilting cotton. Please do not bring knit or stretchy fabric as this won't work as well.

To sign up, click here! You will be directed to eventbrite site where you can pay via paypal to reserve your seat!

- - - - - - - - - -

If you have any questions about these classes, please don't hesitate to email me! joyofallcrafts at gmail dot com

- - - - - - - - - -

Like what you see, but can't come?! Please help me spread the word! I'd love to let as many people as possible know about these classes, so that this might continue. Please feel free to email this page to friends, family, co-workers, anyone you think might love to Craft @ Portland Flea!


Portland Flea Recap // August

Hello Lovely Blog Readers! I'm sad that I've been absent from my blog for a bit now, but it's because I've been so so busy and I have so many things to share! After returning from Seattle and then working at Collage, on my "weekend" I immediately got to work on upholsterying many pieces to get our booth ready from Portland Flea.

First I started working on this beauiful danish modern chair that Chris picked up: 

This is one of my all-time favorite pieces I've done. I've been seeing many upholstered pieces using wool, I wanted to give it a shot. However, I was nervous about the wool stretching out every time someone sat in it. After some research I found out Pellon makes a home decor interfacing for knits and wools exactly for this purpose! It worked like a charm, and I'll definitely be using this quite often. Chris also completely sanded down the frame and stained the wood. It was one of our first big pieces to sell at Portland Flea. 

Second, I worked  on this "quick" little chair. At least that is what I thought at the beginning of the project! It was more of a learning piece than something I'm proud of. The original piece (forgot the before photo!) was old and shredded. However the fabric was in all one piece (no piecing). As I attempted to do the same, I knew that this would be nearly impossible. At the curves, the fabric did not want to lie flat. I made it work the best I could, however, I might re-do this with a seam along the middle. I've been told this will solve all of my problems. 

Finally, the third piece was this amazing Adrian Pearsall sofa: 

I'm super pleased with how it turned out and it already sold! I'm really enjoying the process and completion of upholstery. I know I shared a few months ago how I really didn't like reupholstery, however, I'm singing a different tune. It isn't easy, but I do love the before and after, and the puzzle of putting it all back together again. Also, it really helps to have the right tools! Now that I have an amazing pheumatic staple gun, I'm never stopping! 

After completing these projects nearly in the nick of time, we packed up and headed out! 

In addition to all of the lovely vintage finds at Portland Flea, it's been really fun to make new friendships with many of the vendors! It's pretty much like a big party as we are carrying items in and setting up, except we also have do to heavy lifting! ;) 

Make sure to mark September 16th on your calendar. Also, tomorrow I'm annoucing something extra special that I'm hosting at the September Portland Flea event. Make sure to check back in. :) 


Before & After // Gondola Sofa

Ready for a super retro transformation?! 

Chris and his picker buddy, Clayton, found this sofa literally in pieces and left for trash. They saw the potential and picked it up. It's a mid century Adrian Pearsall style sofa, made right here in Portland in 1966 by B.P John. It's always exciting to take on a new project, especially something like this! 

First, Chris and I took off all of the original foam and shredded fabric. We striped it until it was only the frame. It was pretty disgusting dirty, the vacuum was on hand for all the yucky things that came out of it! 

Next, we installed all new foam and fabric. 

This piece was a collaboration between us and our friends, they made the cushions, and I attached the covered buttons. I love how buttons really finish a piece! 

My favorite part about this sofa is it's pretty V shaped legs! So unique! We are loving having this sofa currently in our living room, but will have to give it over to the new owners soon. For sale on Etsy!