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More Craft Classes!

I wanted to do a second post today highlighting an amazing place to take craft classes...Collage! Why a second post? Well, there is simply too much to cover in one and Collage has so much to offer!

Call the Alberta store (503.249.2190) if you'd like to sign up for any of these classes. Click here to see all of the classes listed: 

Here's a couple that I'm teaching over the next month: 


$10 Tuesday: Lace Pendant Necklace - Tuesday, October 16


Make a beautiful trio of pendants in one necklace. We will collage images, patterns, or letters into three circle lace pendant. Learn jewelry-making basics that you can apply to all jewelry. You will leave with a beautifully crafted necklace.


$5 Friday: Jack O'Lantern Jars - Friday, October 19
Come make a set of spooky Jack O'Lantern jars to decorate your porch or table for this spooktacular season.
- - - - - - -
In addition to classes I'm teaching, Collage has an amazing line-up of talented teachers! Here are a few of my favorites! 
Needle Felted Pumpkins taught by Suki Allen - Wednesday, September 26 
Come learn the basics of needle felting while creating a small collection of pumpkins to decorate for fall.
Watercolor Journal with Coptic Stitch taught by Sonya Richards - Saturday, September 29
Make your own watercolor journal from scratch. You’ll learn how to bind your book using the four needle coptic stitch, an ancient binding technique which allows your journal to lay completely flat when open. Perfect for making your own notebooks, albums and journals.

Paper Marbling taught by Sonya Richards - Saturday, October 20
In this class we'll cover several traditional techniques on paper marbling. From the Japanese Suminagashi, to the Turkish Ebru style, you’ll learn all the basics and how to set up your own marbling station at home. Be ready to get a little messy, and be marveled by the magic of marbling! 
Representational Collage: Birds taught by Susan Schenk - Sunday, October 28
Learn to use paper as paint to create a compelling realistic image of a bird. Walk out with a frame ready piece of art!
- - - - - 
Make sure to swing by and check out not only their amazing classes, but a wide range of amazing art and craft supplies! 





New Name...

For the past five months, Chris and I have been throwing around name ideas for our new venture. We want a name that encapsulates both Joy of all Crafts and PDX Picker, but to unite what we both do as to not confuse people at the events that we'll vend at this summer. We also want a name that we could eventually use as a store front name if we decided to move in that direction. It would help brand ourselves and give everyone a better picture of who we are and what we do. Well, I asked for your advice a few months ago, but nothing ever sounded exactly right and neither of us loved any of the names. (Is this what choosing the name for a baby feels like?!)

After many months of constantly throwing names around, Chris came up with the perfect name: Remnant. According to google it means:

  1. A small remaining quantity of something
  2. A piece of cloth or carpeting left when the greater part has been used or sold
  3. A surviving trace
    • - a remnant of the past
  4. A small minority of people who will remain faithful to God and so be saved 

For us, we sell many items that there really is a small remnant left. I love how it also refers to a piece of fabric left on the bolt, perfect reference to all of the sewing I do! And finally, the Bible reference that we are to remain faithful to God, which aligns with how Chris and I choose to live our life. 

I'm excited to present a united front and brand for both Chris and I. Now I need help with our logo! I've developed a few that I like, but any suggestions or votes for which one you're most drawn to, would be greatly appreciated! Because once we decide on our logo, then we will launch a new website that will describe who we are and link to both of our individual sites, make new business cards, and make a banner to display at our booths at Portland Flea and many street fairs this Summer. 

Here is a peek at a few of the logos I've designed so far - please let me know your thoughts in the comments! 


one ~

two ~



three ~


four ~


five ~


As I've made more, I decided we didn't need a tagline, it looks so much simpler with it. Thanks for reading and I'll enjoy hearing what you all think!