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Vintage Obsession // 60's movies

As I've been vivaciously sewing lately (evidenced by the abundance of quilt posts), I can't stop watching great 60s movies. My parents raised me on a good old-fashioned movie, and they still prefer these to anything else. And I'm beginning to agree with them! I love the sets (of course!), the "simpler" times, and the feeling of being able to travel back in time through these movies. 

Most of these are on Netflix Streaming, but a few I had to find elsewhere. 

Definitely one of my favorite movies. I remember watching this as a child and loving it then too! Suspense, romance, deception, murder,  add up to a a wonderful movie! 

The perfect mystery/comedy/romance movie, complete with more Audrey Hepburn!

Super silly movie, but it's fun to see how much comedy has changed within movies. This one got a few laughs, and I enjoyed it. But you have to be in the mood for silly slapstick comedy. 

This can go down as my all-time favorite movie. Loved it growing up, love it even more now! If you haven't seen it you must! Alfred Hitchcock at his finest! 

Do you have any great 50s/60s movies to recommend? I'd love to hear them! 




Mad over Mad Men


For many of you, I'm sure you've been Mad Men crazed for the past 5+ years now, you've been anxiously awaiting the overdue Season 5 premiere. For Chris and I, we've just gotten into the mid-century craze as Season 4 was coming to a close. Upon hearing about the Season 5 premiere, we decided to jump on the bandwagon. Quickly, we read through plot summaries and caught up on the past few seasons, to start things off right. While watching the premiere, we had a hard time focusing on the plot as we were extremely distracted by the amazing set design. Over ohhing and ahhing, Mad Men drew us in. The set design completely blew us away! I couldn't resist compiling my own list of favorites from the season premiere episode. Here are just a few: 
There were so many lamps that I love! This one won me over with it's graphic print and bold colors!

If you know anything about this lamp, please contact me! I'm loving the design, and am currently trying to brainstorm a way to make one.
Don Draper's office: notice the floating desk?! So much good design to oodle over. 
The new Mrs. Draper wears perfect 1960s designs, but some of it would definietly look great today. I think this polka dot blouse is stunning. I also really like these interesting art prints in the background.

Sterling Cooper Draper Price Conference Room
 Remember when I blogged about these tumblers? Well here they are! Varying sizes and colors, I'm keeping my eyes pealed on the three e's: etsy, ebay, and estate sales!
The black and gold peacock art piece is also truly extraordinary. 
One of my favorite pieces: Catherineholm Lotus Bowl I'm still pleased as punch about finding one myself last week!
I've had Zou Bisou, Bisou in my head ever since hearing this song. Click here for the 1962 version on youtube. What I love about Mad Men, is how they pay attention to every detail and encoruporate things that were popular at that time. They have now released the song and you can now even buy it on vinyl.
Have you caught the Mad Men bug?