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PNW Blogger Meet-Up

Twice a year, Chelsey from The Paper Mama host a Pacific Northwest Blogger Meet-Ups. (If you're a PNW blogger and didn't know about it, subscribe to the PNW blog to be updated and register for the next one! You have to sign up before hand and they sell out quickly!) 

Last Saturday, was the second event I'd been to and it was so much fun! Hosted by West Elm & Whole Foods, we were treated to West Elm's beautiful surroundings and yummy food and drink, while chatting about all things related to blogs! 

Cardigans, colored tights, and stripes were the most popular items to wear of the night. I couldn't resist these mercury owl mugs, I bought one and a red ceramic mug too. I've always loved these baskets, they were my inspiration for this color-blocked rope basket I made a few months back. 

One of the first gals I met was Spencer from 12 oz Bee House, she was wearing a handmade dress too! We talked patterns and getting the perfect fit for a long time. She has a fun blog full of creativeness too! 

West Elm is always full of inspiration and amazing furniture and home decor. These were just a few of the pieces that I took a double-look at! 

In an effort to post more photos of myself actually with people, here's one of Chelsey and I. I'm thankful that we've become blogger friends. We met at Alt last year and she is the guru behind, The Paper Mama, and host of these events. We have plans in the works to do some collaborating together, so keep your eyes peeled for more of us together. ;) 

Also, I wanted to share about this dress! This is the second dress that I made and I really enjoyed this pattern. It's the Peony Collette Pattern. I've decided that this will be the pattern that I will use for the bridesmaids dress I need to make for my bff, Kirsten's wedding. I had to make a few alterations (bigger darts in the back, cut neckline much lower, and make front bodice a bit smaller) I think I'll still fine tune it a bit more for the next dress, but I love how much of it turned out! 

It was great meeting many new faces and seeing some familiar ones from many blogs, I look forward to the next event! 


Quilter, Upholsterer, ... Sewist?

The first two terms I've whole hearted accepted and can show evidence to the fact that I am these names. I've made many quilts, and love the process of designing, choosing fabrics, making patterns (or following), assembling, quilting, and finally binding the quilt. Upholstering is still a new process that I'm learning, but I'm enjoying the journey and learn more and more with each piece that I complete. Sewing fabric is something I love to do!

I've never self-described myself as a sewist since this implies I sew clothes. Now I've had a few attempts at sewing clothes over the years. In my teens, I'm pretty sure that I sewed a pair of cargo pants that I never wore, and a vibrant pink floral skirt for my cousins wedding. Last year I attempted to sew a dress for Alt, I wore it, but the fit was awful and I mostly covered the top with a cardigan, and never showed it to my lovely readers here! ;)

However, this may all change! I've been enamored with Colette patterns for a few months now. Sarai Mitnik is a Portland local and designs beautiful vintage inspired sewing patterns. I've followed her blog for awhile (an amazing source of sewing tips) and at Modern Domestic they use many of her patterns in their classes. Being surrounded by this talent has let myself think that perhaps I can do this too? I'll admit I'm pretty skeptical, but with the help of the talented ladies at Modern Domestic and Bolt, I think this is happening!

What motivated me to attempt this now, is in January I'm going to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of a amazing friend, Kirsten. She has opted to give the bridesmaids a color palette and choose out their own dress. Then this crazy idea popped into my head that I should sew my own dress! After a few weeks (ahem, months) I've decided to take the plunge.

Last week, I went into Bolt (our local fabric store) and picked through many of the patterns and decided that the Crepe dress designed by Colette Patterns would be a good pattern to start with. I was just going to get the pattern and muslin to first draft out the dress in muslin before buying expensive pretty fabric for the real dress. However, Hannah suggested that I buy their sale fabric and use that as my muslin practice dress instead. This way if it turns out I could actually wear it! I left feeling excited and ready to get started!

Hannah suggested that I trace the pattern onto pattern paper so that if I need a different size/alterations I won't have cut into the pattern. After I did that, I then cut all of the pieces out with a rotary cutter. This made the process of cutting out so much easier! I had never done that before but on the Colette website, she suggests this method.


Another reason, I chose Colette patterns, is the beginner friendly layout of the patterns. Within each pattern is a booklet of really detailed and easy to read directions, with well-illustrated pictures.

Also, there are links to more photos for certain directions. Finally, in the back there is a pocket for the patterns and a place for notes.

Have you heard of or used Colette Patterns before? What has been your experience?

I'll be sure to post my progress! Fingers crossed!


Before & After // Sewing Stool

About a month ago, Chris found this sad looking vinyl stool. We think it was used for keeping someone's sewing materials tidy, however, it no longer has a tray. Immediately, I knew that it would be fun to reupholster this in some fun modern fabric. 

First, I ripped off all of the old fabric using a staple remover tool and flat nose pliers. Then I disassembled the back and the top. The top I covered just like a dining chair seat. And for the sides, I used a cardboard tack strip to fold and staple a straight line, then wrapped it around to the bottom, made a hem, and tacked it down. Viola! 

The little cabinet/tray compartment will easily fit an organizer to store sewing/knitting supplies in. It's the perfect addition to a craft studio! Unfortunately, it won't be in my studio as this piece is for sale in our shop on etsy. 


Modern Domestic

A few weeks ago, I shared that I'm teaching beginning quilting at Modern Domestic. What's that, you ask? Well, Modern Domestic is a local Portland sewing studio. It offers two fully equipped classrooms, a warm and knowledgeable staff, and a community of creative makers. They also host many classes and open sew times. Besides those draws, it is simply a beautiful space to work in and on amazing Bernina machines. 

Last Thursday, I taught my first class of a three session class. I was a little nervous to be teaching in a new venue. I kept thinking all day that I had the day and time wrong, or that I would arrive late. Does this happen to anyone else?! But alas, I arrived in plenty of time. I have four students who are a lot of fun and we had a great time getting to know each other while learning to quilt! Everything turned out really well, I'm excited to teach again this week. 

I'm teaching how to make a quilt from start to finish using this pattern for the top: 

Here are some of the fabric choices of a few of my students. Won't these look great?!

If you've thought about wanting to learn to sew garments or make a quilt, but something has stopped you, make sure to check out Modern Domestic! You'll become the  you thought you'd never be! ;) 


200th Post!


I can't believe that I've made it to my 200th post! Looking back, it's amazing to see how much I've grown in blogging, and how many projects and activities I've accomplished and been able to share with you. It only ignites my passion to continue sharing and striving to inspire YOU to craft! 
Here's a look back at some of my favorite projects and posts. Enjoy! 
#10 - These Zipper Bags were the first that I had tried anything involving a zipper. It's not easy, but not impossible! Zippers really take practice and these little pouches are perfect for just that. 
#9 - One of my first experiences of the Alameda Flea Market. I miss going here and the sunshine! But perhaps next time I'll be a vendor! ;) 
#8 - Our First Booth at the Alberta Street Fair. Little did we know how much of a profession this would turn into for us! ;) This year, Chris and I will be combining our booth and assuming a fresh new name for our vintage sales. Come see us this Saturday at Beggars Banquet and all season at Portland Flea
#7 - This Rainbow Chevron Quilt started as a challenge to use just 5" square solids (a first for me!). Cutting them up and making zig zags was only natural. 
#6 - I loved making this Vintage Sheet Quilt. It's basically one block turned into one quilt. I just sold this quilt on etsy and I've been stockpiling more sheets, it's time to make a new one! ;) 
#5 - This was the first project I made from Martha Stewart Living for my new project "Living Martha Stewart Living." This Astronomical Tree Topper will be donning the top of our Christmas trees for many years to come! 
#4 - Teaching Glass Etching at Portland Bazaar was such a great experience! Loved working with Kate from Portland Flea, and getting to share a fun craft with over 30 people. 
#3 -  Going to ALT was one of the best decision I've made! I learned so much and met so many amazing people. Making this DIY Tote Bag to help brand myself was icing on the cake! 
#2 - Interview with Emily Henderson// Secrets from a Stylist - Part One, Part Two, Part Three
#1 - My favorite project to date: the Tissue Paper Wall Heart. It casts an amazing spell over any room! 
I hope you've enjoyed this round-up! Over the next 100 posts, you will see many more DIY projects, vintage finds, and inspiration to begin/continue crafting yourself. 
Thanks so much for being a reader, I appreciate you so much!