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Field Trip // Antique Portland Expo

Three times a year, one of the biggest antique fairs in the US occurs at the Portland Expo Center. From experience, we've found that this is not the right venue for us to sell our goods at. The crowd of vendors and customers are mostly in the older age range, and as such, they tend to not want to buy mid-century pieces. Because of this it's also very hard to find mid-century. So today we headed out to this three-day event, on the last day in the afternoon, when many of the vendors still have lots of product, don't want to take it all home, and are willing to make deals! 


There were so many Native American rugs that kept drawing my eye! I don't know if I just haven't paid attention to them before...or if there were lots more than usual (probably the first), but they were everywhere. Oh so beautiful and oh so very, very expensive! I'll continue to search for them in the "wild" but in the meantime, I'm dreaming of turning some of these patterns into quilts. :) 


These three pieces were the stellar stand outs of mid-century furniture.  Chris really wanted this first chair, an Arne Jacobsen Swan chair, but alas our pocketbooks only allowed us to look. Also, these Norman Cherner Plycraft chairs & Hans Wegner armchairs were all so fun to stare at. 

While Chris was only looking at furniture. These two pieces stuck out to me. One of my favorite books growing up, Anne of Green Gables in a beautiful illustrated version. Also this orange and gold dot dress, I just love the pattern on the dress! 

Here were our finds of the day (while loading out in the heavy PNW rain): a men's leather luggage bag, 60s teak and black clock, a black tensor lamp, chair, typeset tray, kitchen cart,  and lots of pottery goods in my canvas bag.  Tomorrow, there will be photos of everything on the Remnant blog. But I couldn't help but share today's adventure with all of you!

Happy Sunday!


Portland Flea Recap // September & Change!

September's Portland Flea was a huge success! Many people came out and enjoyed the amazing assortment of vintage goods on a gorgeous Portland day! 

For more pictures, check out the new and improved Remnant site! I will updating it often! There is a currently for sale page, where you can check out our pieces for purchase. A page full of re-upholstered before and afters plus a page of handmade reclaimed furniture. Be sure to check it out and subscribe, so that you will be among to first to be notified about new pieces for sale. 

Here's a peek into our booth and some of the handmade/re-upholstered items: 

Click here to see the more of Remnant at Portland Flea.

Along with this comes, CHANGE! Many of you know that I recently became a full-time vintage furniture dealer/maker/upholsterer. With this change, I've been re-evaluating my brand & blog, Joy of all Crafts, and where it fits in with Remnant and visa versa. I have many goals for Remnant and I want to strive to reach those. I've also worked really hard on my blog here for the past two years and don't want to give it up. However, managing both (along with PMQG guild responsibilities/blog) makes juggling three blogs a challenge! I simply can't blog here every day and manage to grow Remnant as I'd like. 

So, here's my new plan: I'm going to begin sharing all of my reupholstery projects and all projects/events that relate to Remnant on the Remnant blog. I may mention and post them here too at the beginning, but it will fade off as readership grows with Remnant. On Joy of all Crafts, I want to focus on what it orginially began as, a place to catelog and share my crafts, inspirations, and thoughts. I've been wanting to share more personal things too in my life, this being the perfect time to start! I'm also going to take off the pressure of having to post all of the time. I do plan on posting a couple of times a week, but if it doesn't happen I'm not going to beat myself up about it You bloggers out there know what I'm talking about! I hope that you continue to stop by and enjoy reading and looking at pretty pictures. I've so enjoyed getting to know many of my readers and simply share life together. As always I hope to inspire you to learn something new and grow your passions. 


DIY // Embossed Business Cards

First off, thank you all so much for weighing in on our Remnant logo decision. By far the most votes went to #3 and 4. Which was funny because #3 was my favorite and #4 was my least favorite! We still might use #4 for a few other pieces, especially since it's the same font, but I love the boomerangs so we went ahead with this design. 

We had the BEST experience with getting a custom stamp made from Atlas Stamps here in Portland. I emailed the design to Atlas and he had the custom stamp ready the very next day for only $27! A steal! I had a huge fiasco the last time I tried to have a custom stamp made through a vendor on etsy, it cost $40 and it took litteraly two months, and there is a section that doesn't stamp cleanly. So after that experience, I couldn't be more thrilled with this new experience and I highly recommend Atlas! You can also order online! 

On to the DIY! If you are looking to make new business cards, but don't have the money to do something special like letterpress or custom printing. Embossing your cards is a great and easy way to make lots of business cards for not much money. I choose black and white because I love how sharp the white looks on the black card! 


- Business Cards: I bought these a Paper Source to save time. I could have cut all of the cards from 8.5x11, but I wanted to make sure that they were perfectly straight and I currently don't have the time to do that. They are $2 a pack of 25 cards, not to shabby. I bought four packs to make 100 cards

- Custom Stamp: from Atlas stamps $27

- Embossing Powder: $4.75

- Heat Tool: I have one on hand - ($25)

- Versamark Stamp Pad: on hand -  ($8)

Total: $40 for 100 business cards - (if you don't have a heat tool and stamp pad - $73)

*Tip: Flick the back of the card with your index finder to remove excess powder! *

Hold the heat tool 2-3 inches away from the card, watch closely as the powder melts. Once all of the powder has melted, allow the image to cool for 30 seconds. Viola! You have an embossed business card! 

I hope that you enjoy making your own business cards! If you use this tutorial, please add a pic to my flickr pool! I'd love to see your own creativity! 



New Name...

For the past five months, Chris and I have been throwing around name ideas for our new venture. We want a name that encapsulates both Joy of all Crafts and PDX Picker, but to unite what we both do as to not confuse people at the events that we'll vend at this summer. We also want a name that we could eventually use as a store front name if we decided to move in that direction. It would help brand ourselves and give everyone a better picture of who we are and what we do. Well, I asked for your advice a few months ago, but nothing ever sounded exactly right and neither of us loved any of the names. (Is this what choosing the name for a baby feels like?!)

After many months of constantly throwing names around, Chris came up with the perfect name: Remnant. According to google it means:

  1. A small remaining quantity of something
  2. A piece of cloth or carpeting left when the greater part has been used or sold
  3. A surviving trace
    • - a remnant of the past
  4. A small minority of people who will remain faithful to God and so be saved 

For us, we sell many items that there really is a small remnant left. I love how it also refers to a piece of fabric left on the bolt, perfect reference to all of the sewing I do! And finally, the Bible reference that we are to remain faithful to God, which aligns with how Chris and I choose to live our life. 

I'm excited to present a united front and brand for both Chris and I. Now I need help with our logo! I've developed a few that I like, but any suggestions or votes for which one you're most drawn to, would be greatly appreciated! Because once we decide on our logo, then we will launch a new website that will describe who we are and link to both of our individual sites, make new business cards, and make a banner to display at our booths at Portland Flea and many street fairs this Summer. 

Here is a peek at a few of the logos I've designed so far - please let me know your thoughts in the comments! 


one ~

two ~



three ~


four ~


five ~


As I've made more, I decided we didn't need a tagline, it looks so much simpler with it. Thanks for reading and I'll enjoy hearing what you all think!