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Portland Flea Recap // September & Change!

September's Portland Flea was a huge success! Many people came out and enjoyed the amazing assortment of vintage goods on a gorgeous Portland day! 

For more pictures, check out the new and improved Remnant site! I will updating it often! There is a currently for sale page, where you can check out our pieces for purchase. A page full of re-upholstered before and afters plus a page of handmade reclaimed furniture. Be sure to check it out and subscribe, so that you will be among to first to be notified about new pieces for sale. 

Here's a peek into our booth and some of the handmade/re-upholstered items: 

Click here to see the more of Remnant at Portland Flea.

Along with this comes, CHANGE! Many of you know that I recently became a full-time vintage furniture dealer/maker/upholsterer. With this change, I've been re-evaluating my brand & blog, Joy of all Crafts, and where it fits in with Remnant and visa versa. I have many goals for Remnant and I want to strive to reach those. I've also worked really hard on my blog here for the past two years and don't want to give it up. However, managing both (along with PMQG guild responsibilities/blog) makes juggling three blogs a challenge! I simply can't blog here every day and manage to grow Remnant as I'd like. 

So, here's my new plan: I'm going to begin sharing all of my reupholstery projects and all projects/events that relate to Remnant on the Remnant blog. I may mention and post them here too at the beginning, but it will fade off as readership grows with Remnant. On Joy of all Crafts, I want to focus on what it orginially began as, a place to catelog and share my crafts, inspirations, and thoughts. I've been wanting to share more personal things too in my life, this being the perfect time to start! I'm also going to take off the pressure of having to post all of the time. I do plan on posting a couple of times a week, but if it doesn't happen I'm not going to beat myself up about it You bloggers out there know what I'm talking about! I hope that you continue to stop by and enjoy reading and looking at pretty pictures. I've so enjoyed getting to know many of my readers and simply share life together. As always I hope to inspire you to learn something new and grow your passions. 


a visit to crafty wonderland


Since I first moved to Portland, whenever mentioning/hearing about craft shows, the infamous Crafty Wonderland would be named. It's a Portland staple in the craft/diy community here. I was excited to check it out. First of all, it is one of the biggest fairs, there were lots of things I liked and of course there were the typical craft items that I'm not the biggest fan of. But overall, there is an amazing creative community here, I'm excited to become more of a part of it in 2012. 
Here's a peek into my trip - I've included only my favorites from show: 
I was thrilled to see the talented: Emily Martin of the Black Apple.
What I loved about this show was being able to meet so many interesting and talented people! 
one: I met Laura Trimmell of Curious Doodles, we instantly connected and had a long conversation. She is  a person I look forward to meeting with again and getting to know! She makes lots of different silk-screened items but specializes in embroidery on paper. 
two: Jill Bliss is a local artist focusing on pacific northwest animals and foliage. Her designs are intricate, bright, and unique. 
three: Bianca of Urban Creatures is a friend of mine that I've gotten to know from PMQG. She makes everything out of t-shirts! I love how fun, soft, and bright her pieces are. 
A picture of the "wonderland". Wanderlust was there - they have the cutest mobile shop. They are usually parked on N. Williams - the prices can't be beat! 
I chuckled over this bag - I have the same fabric from Joann's! I love that a bag was made from it. 
five - Old School Stationers have a beautiful natural booth. I love their products but I also love how their booth spoke the same language as their nature-filled stationery. Natural wood and burlap. Simple, yet esthetically pleasing. 
six - appetite specializes in handprinted items - i love their booth and etsy store! 
After attending Portland Bazaar and Crafty Wonderland, I took home quite a bit of business cards! There are so many unique cards that I plan on keeping for reference and inspiration. 
Do you keep business cards? If so, how and where? 
*PS - My attempts at posting the last few days have been thurted by sickness. I'm finally on the mend so everything should resume as normal, here on my blog. Isn't it awful that when I'm home not feeling well, I feel guilty that I should be working on projects, however completely lack the motivation and energy. I wish it were the opposite! *



My Visit to Portland Bazaar


Saturday morning, I headed out with my good friend, Jamie, to be some of the first people to arrive and receive free heart coffee. But there was so much more than that! Beautiful handmade goods and stunning displays. Here's just a bit of what we saw!