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Pinterest has been spreading like wildfire! Many of you have an account and are addicted to Pinterest! I've talked to lots of gals who love scrolling through on their phone and computer looking and pinning all of the pretty pictures. It's such a great way to share amazing finds! 
My favorite use of Pinterest is to use it as a bookmarking tool. I'm easily able to save articles, blog posts, good tutorials etc to access for later. I've been pinning for about 6 months and my boards were rather messy and not thought-through. It's been bugging me for awhile so I've spent most of this morning, re-organizing and editing the boards, and applying my brand to Pinterest. Since I love and blog about crafts, I've made individual boards for each craft. Within the boards are tutorials, inspirational photos, and great ideas for each type: 
{click on the craft for the direct link to the photo}
Another aspect that I love about it, is to catalog ideas. For example, I'm in the process of designing a new quilt design for our bed. I've made a board entitled: Bed Quilt Design and I've been pinning images and fabrics that I might use to guide my design process. Finally, I love holidays, so I've started boards for the current (and some past) holidays to pin crafts and projects that I like that have to do with that holiday. 
I'm really excited to share this with you! Follow me pinning on Pinterest, I hope that you'll continue to be inspired and begin more crafting! ;) Are you on Pinterest? Have you been bitten by the bug yet and are addicted? If so, how have you found it useful?




Alt Summit // Videos & Pinterest


Either you are sick of hearing about Alt Summit or you're hanging on every word! If you'd like to hear more, here's your chance to see a few videos! The first one is by Tiger in a Jar, they did a beautiful job of getting a sneak peek into the Alt experience, aka: being treated like a movie star!  Truly, that is the only way that I can accurately describe it!

The mood of Alt Summit from ALT Summit on Vimeo.



Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest, received a standing ovation for his heartfelt speech. Make a cup of tea and check it out for yourself. 

Ben Silbermann Keynote Address at Alt Summit from ALT Summit on Vimeo.



Quotes that inspired me: 
  • "Be known for the things you make."
  • "Surround yourself with people that do what you want to do."
  • "People succeed, because if they don't stop something eventually breaks."
  • "If you don't bet on yourself, no one else will."
  • And this picture pretty much captures it all! 
This is pretty much how many of us feel. I know that I have lots of new goals and dreams, but my terror/fear holds me back. The biggest take-away for me at Alt was to don't be afriad to chase after my dream. It won't come to me, I'll need to go after it! 
What might that dream be? It's so many things wrapped into one. But mainly being a full-time blogger/designer. Those titles are so broad and that is what I'm working out right now, I'm opening different doors, trying on every hat, and seeing what fits!