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Paper Making // Guest Post

Rachel is a super sweet gal that I met at Collage, she's a regular there and takes lots of classes.  Once we discovered we had blogging in common, we became instant friends. Rachel's blog is awesome, it's called 52 Weeks Project. Each week, she features a craft that she has made. I love how simple and attainable that is. Plus, her photography is outstanding. Check out her blog and prepare to be inspired!

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The best thing about making your own paper is that you can recycle any type of existing paper that may be considered useless like labels, magazines, news paper, wrapping paper, etc. You can even add natural elements like leaves, grass, and flowers. Not only is it relatively easy to do, but aesthetically it has a unique thickness and texture that is hard to find in store bought paper. 

My boyfriend Gabe actually bought me a paper making kit for Christmas last year. He's been my biggest support during this project! I do know you could snag the complete kit off Amazon or Arnold's website.
Try it out!

Collage 101

Working at a place called Collage, you'd think I was a pro-collager. However, prior to taking Basic Collage from Suki (my manager and teacher extraordinaire!), my only experience had been with elmers, wrinkles, and the collage failing. The idea is simple enough, but knowing a bit about the types of glues and materials makes a huge difference in the result! 

Here's the biggest tips I learned for Suki's collage class: 

  • Use PVA glue, it doesn't wrinkle, it's archival (lasts 100+ years), dries quickly, and is perfect for all paper to paper crafting. 
  • You want to glue your collage to something strong and firm. Hardboard panel works really well and it's very reasonable priced. This way your collage won't bend or curl up. 
  • Gluing a background paper, allow to dry, then cut with an exacto knife to get the perfect edge! 
  • Plan out the whole collage before committing and gluing anything down. 
  • Use a paint brush to glue the paper, then apply paper to surface.
  • Allow 24 to dry before sealing it.
  • Seal the collage with a varnish, Golden works really well. 
  • If you plan on framing your collage, you don't need to seal it.  

I enjoyed making this one so much, Chris and I got crafty! I've been saving up some 50s-60s magazines. We spent a few hours pouring over this magazines and "oohing and awwing" over so much great furniture, cars, and fun advertisements. We cut lots and have only just begun some fun collages. This was really fun to enjoy doing a craft together! As you can imagine, this doesn't happen very often!

I'm loving these little pieces! We are going to make more, some to keep and some to sell at our booth. What do you think? 

Have you tried collage? If you have any questions about the process, let me know! I'd be happy to help you out! :) 

Happy Collaging! 


What's in the Bag?

Over the weekend, I was able to shop at Paper Source (after my shift). I'd been eying many of our new stamps, embossing powders, and craft letters. It was hard to not walk home empty handed! I thought I'd get a little creative and take some inspiration-board-like pictures! It might end up becoming a regular post! :) I had so much fun during this little photo shoot. :) 
Here is what I came home with: 

I love these soft, nature notecards by Rifle. I've raved about them before, here. One of my favorite things about Paper Source is how they buy from many small designers! 


Birthday Cards

One of my favorite parts of birthdays is receiving many cards in the mail! It's fun to have cards from people rather than the usual bills! 

The week before it was Teacher Appreciation Card Day at school, here are just a few of the cards I received: 

 I usually save most of my cards, but now I'm beginning to have such a big collection, I need to come up with a DIY project or find one! Do you have any ideas? Please share in the comment section below: 


Make, Wrap, & Gift!

One of my new resolutions this year is to make more of presents that I give. Easier said then done! This involves planning and preparation! Instead of my usual: party's in an hour and I still need a gift, or their birthday passes and I don't send a card or gift. This scenario has happened more than I'd like! 
My first step to changing my old ways: I wrote down all of my friend's and families birthdays in my day planner. I have one of those birthday books, but I found that that didn't work for me so well. As I have to actually look in it! I still use a paper planner, so this works the best for me. There is just something about the physicality of writing down my to-do's and schedules, rather than typing them. I love being able to cross off completed tasks! 

My super good friend, Helen, shares a birthday close to mine! We are just two days apart. I wanted to make her some stationary as she is a Youth Pastor and I'm sure has to write many notes to the guys and gals she mentors and loves on. Luckily, he share the same initial so I didn't have to buy a new stamp! :) 

These are the two card sets that I made Helen. I love tying up each set with my favorite twine. 

I also made Helen her own birthday card. I knew she would love this graphic, as it was made of bright colors and had an Indian vibe to it! If I would have had more time, I should have made a whole set! I used paper from a 12x12 scrapbook page, then framed it with chartreuse. I cut off the corners that that they were flush with the white foldover card. 

Finishing touches: Wrapping! I love this bright yellow wrapping paper (via Paper Source), I also used a Happy Birthday stamp for the envelope. 

I hope that this inspires you to make a gift for a friend! 
Have you made a card and/or gift for a friend? What was it? 
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