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Flea Market Finds >> 15

This week brought one of those moments that I never thought would come! Chris and I went to a random estate sale that was advertised on craigslist (no photos) for Thursday morning. I had the morning off, so we went and checked it out together. We started looking around, and Chris looked through the kitchen, I was following behind, and what did I see that he missed? A Cathrineholm dutch oven! Nothing had prices, just bids on what you would pay, I could hardly contain my excitement, but I tried my best not to let on that I knew a lot about this item. I quickly offered $5, she said yes, and off I went! I'm really excited to begin collecting more Cathrineholm pieces! I never thought that I would find one as they are so so popular right now and really expensive! I found this same piece going anywhere from $70 - 150, but this one is not for sale! ;)


It's a perfect addition to my collection! 


 I also picked up this great set of kitchen tin canisters. Can't decide if I'm keeping them, or selling them yet. And of course, more pyrex and vintage sheets! Can't seem to go to a sale and not get one. ;)


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Happy Thrifting! 


What fun finds did you find this week?


Gather and Hunt Feature


Today I'm so thrilled to be sharing my vintage pyrex collection on Gather and Hunt's blog today! I met Danae at Alt and we immediately hit it off! She picks for her own booth at the Fremont Antique Mall in Seattle. I'm anxious to check it out some time soon! 



Pop over and check out Danae's beautiful blog, my post on her new series: A Curated Life! 



Flea Market Finds >> 11


Last Friday morning, I found myself standing in the rain waiting in line for an estate sale to open. There were easily forty people crammed into this front yard, ready to get inside and slap sold tags on pieces. Chris does this all the time, but for me, I hadn't been in such a competitive estate sale environment. Once the door opened names were called from the "list" (that Chris had to stand in line for the day before for two hours) and we rushed in. Quickly running around looking for big pieces, but in the rush to find the "good" items there was no time to find anything. It was such a panicky feeling, not one that I will likely repeat again. Lucky for me, Chris loves this type of thing and relishes finding the good item. Chris found three great pieces and off we went to another sale. 
At this next sale, I was able to shop at a leisurely pace and I found these two gems! 
I find that I'm much more likely to find good items, while taking my time, rather than rushing through first in line. 
*Check out Chris' etsy to find these items for sale*
What about you? Have you ever braved the estate sale list/lines? Are these sales that competitive where you live?



Flea Market Finds >> 10


It's been a few weeks since I shared some of Chris and I's finds! I was so excited to finally find something I've wanted for a long, long time! I really never expected to find one at a price that we could afford. But, lo and behold....
I spent this morning taking new photos of the scarf necklaces for my etsy shop. The dress form is the perfect beautiful prop. I'm putting it to good use! Did you see the claw feet details? 
I can't resist good vintage gold rim glasses! This scale was a steal, I love the illustrations and thought it would come in handy and also be good props for some recipe posts. 
Happy Thrifting! 
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