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Craft @ Portland Flea!

I'm thrilled to announce that at the September Portland Flea, you not only get to shop for amazing vintage goods, but you also get to craft and create with them too!

On Sunday, September 16, I'm hosting three different vintage craft classes. They are all unique and teach a project and/or skill. Interested? Here's all of the information:

- - - - - - - - - -

Learn to make beautiful glass tile pendants and magnets! I love the organic look of these glass tiles, it magnifies and gives a beautiful glow to the image. You will have an assortment of vintage ephemera to choose from: children books, magazines, postage stamps, and more!

All materials will be provided for this class. To sign up click here, you will be directed to the eventbrite site where you can pay via paypal to reserve your spot!

- - - - - - - - - -

Postage stamps hold so many memories and nostalgia, I've always loved them! In this class, you will make a monogram collage using vintage stamps. It makes the perfect addition to your bookshelf or a unique, personalized gift!

All materials and tools will be provided for you, even a vintage frame!

To sign up, click here! You will be directed to eventbrite site where you can pay via paypal to reserve your seat!

- - - - - - - - - -

Come learn how to recover a lampshade from start to finish! You will learn how to make a custom pattern straight from the lampshade, use bias tape to seal the edges and more. Once you've made one, you won't want to stop!

All materials and tools included, except fabric. There will be an assortment of vintage lampshades to choose from. Please bring 1 1/2 yards of fabric. This could be vintage fabric, home decor, or quilting cotton. Please do not bring knit or stretchy fabric as this won't work as well.

To sign up, click here! You will be directed to eventbrite site where you can pay via paypal to reserve your seat!

- - - - - - - - - -

If you have any questions about these classes, please don't hesitate to email me! joyofallcrafts at gmail dot com

- - - - - - - - - -

Like what you see, but can't come?! Please help me spread the word! I'd love to let as many people as possible know about these classes, so that this might continue. Please feel free to email this page to friends, family, co-workers, anyone you think might love to Craft @ Portland Flea!


San Francisco Snapshots

It's funny how things strike you differently when you've been away from some time. While I was home, my best friend, Kirsten took me to the city for a day of fun and shopping. It was such a treat to walk around San Francisco and become inspired all over again. 

one ~ Good old BART! I grew up riding this, and it hasn't changed a bit. // two ~ view of San Francisco from BART, I forgot how crowded it is! // three & four ~ a quick stop at the flower mart with Kirsten, she's a florist rock star! // five ~ ceiling of Forever 21! they seriously don't make buildings like they use to! // six ~ I new heart in sf! This is on the corner of Union Square, a new favorite. // Seven ~ Kirsten and I's jewelry haul! // Eight ~ and finally we use so many fashionistas. However, this is a case of vintage gone bad. 

This window installation has seriously still been on my mind. I love the simplicity of the materials and the stunning effects. I'm going to try something like this but make it into a bag. Wouldn't that be stunning?

More inspiration...Upon arrival back home to Portland, I've been on the search for the perfect chain to recreate this necklace! My shopping habits have now officially changed. Instead of shopping to buy, I shop to be inspired to create. :) 

What have you been inspired by lately? 


Jewelry Swoon >> Chloe & Isabel

While visiting with family while I'm here in the Bay Area, I got to check out my sis-in-law's new jewelry line! She's a new merchandiser. Have you heard of Chloe & Isabel? They have a fresh, unique, young style, and are very social media savy. It's refreshing to see a young brand really take on social media by storm. But what I really love is their jewel collection and organic metal. Here's a glimpse of some my favorite pieces: 

Click here to view the rest of the collection! 

These pices remind me of vintage pieces, the jewel tones are just perfect. 

Of course, I love that the catalog features two DIY projects. These are calling my name for Spring! 

Which one is your favorite?




DIY // Wrap Ballchain Bracelet

Wrap ballchain bracelets are super fun and easy to make! The best part is they look much more difficult than they are. Enjoy! 

one) fold leather cord in half, tie a slipknot - make sure slipknot is big enough to fit the button through

two) lay ball chain on top of leather cord, knot linen thread in-between first ball and second ball. Wrap around back of bracelet and secure with three knots

three) wrap thread around entire bracelet, continue until the length is satisfactory 

four) thread a button onto one of the leather cords

five) tie slip-knots around both ends of the leather cord, securing the button in place, and trim ends



DIY // Birdie Necklace


Working at collage has its benefits, I get to interact with creative people all day, see new product/ideas, and create fun new projects. I can't take credit for this little project though, it is the brainchild of my talented boss, Maria. I'm just the executer. I've never played around with this Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. It's really interesting, rather than embossing once, you can emboss over it and the more you layer, the thicker it becomes. It's also clear so that you can paint under/over it and get all different types of effects. We just got these bird wood shapes in, and I've been longing to put a bird on everything! 
Materials Needed:


1) Use an inkpad that works with wood, Versacraft is amazing! (You can even use it on fabric!) Saturate the wood with the ink. 
2) Pour the embossing enamel over the wet ink
3) Shake off excess (which can be reused)
4) Melt it with a heat tool
5) The first layer is bumpy - apply a second layer of ink and repeat steps 2 - 4
6) I applied a little bit of contrasting color to make the wings distinguish. In total, I did 3 layers of the embossing enamel.  



7) While the enamel is still wet, emboss a word/message into it. Press firmly to get a better impression. Allow 5 minutes to set/dry. 
8) Apply bale to the back of your shape with E-6000. This is a great super glue that will last a lifetime. 
Attach your favorite chain - I used waxed linen thread and simply tied a bow in the back - and enjoy!
* I need to work on taking photos of myself - excuse the scary eyes! ;) *