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Tissue Paper Wall Heart // Living Martha Stewart Living


February's issue of Martha Stewart Living blew me away! Once I saw the cover, I knew I had to make this Tissue Paper Wall Heart for Valentine's Day. 
The directions say to use Martha Stewart's Tissue-Paper Pom-Pom Kits. I went to my local Michael's, and they did not have any of the kits. So I had to adjust the directions. After stoping in Collage and Target in search for the perfect pink, and it resulted in this collection of tissue paper. 
The basic steps are as follows, fold, cut, wrap wire, and then pulling the layers upward. 
This process completes one flower. 


Before folding the tissue, here are the dimensions of the hearts: 
Big Flowers - 20 inches wide
Medium - 12 inches wide
Small - 8 inches wide
There is no perfect amount of flowers or size for this heart, it depends how big you want your heart to be. My heart spans 30" wide by 27" tall. Play around with the dimensions until you achieve the look you want! :) 
Instead of hanging each flower individually (according to the directions), I opted to attach each flower to a sheet of foam board. This process was very easy and it worked extremely well. 
Finally, cut the foam board off using an x-acto knife on a cutting mat. Then attach a hook to the back using the floral wire, and hang unto the wall.
I couldn't be more thrilled with this Tissue Paper Wall Heart! I may even keep it up all year! :) These are quite addicting to make, you might be seeing a lot more tissue paper creations soon! 
*The little mailboxes are a Target dollar bin find*
Cost: $12 for tissue paper, floral wire and foam board on hand
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 4 - 5 hours (while watching re-runs of Downton Abbey)
*This post is part of my new project for 2012, Living Martha Stewart Living. Every month, I will make a few projects from the current month's magazine and share it with you! Click here for more information. *



Happy February + Free Download


Today, I wanted to start February off with something a little different: 
But in all sincerity, I've been playing around in photoshop with real-life objects. At Collage we have these super fun heart dolies. I've been making valentines with them and I wanted to share them with you! 
Click here to download red and pink hearts. 
Happy February!