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Alt Summit // Business Cards


One of my favorite parts of Alt is trading business cards with so many talented, creative designers! 
I collected over 100 business cards, but these are some of my favorites! 




Click here for a look into my DIY business cards
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An Interview with Emily Henderson


Photo Credit: Bonnie Tsang & Laure Joliet

For me, Alt Summit was all about Carpe Diem. When Emily Henderson, uber-stylist, tweeted that she would love to be interviewed by bloggers, I jumped at the chance! I've been a Emily-fan from the moment Design Star Season Five first aired. She is from Portland and has a super down-to-earth, friendly personality. I immediately started following her blog (check it out, she's hilarious) and when she won (no surprise here),  I couldn't wait for her show, Secrets from a Stylist, to come out. Fast forward two years, Chris and I always watch and re-watch her show together and pick up good stylist/interior design advice for our business.
Upon walking into the Grand American Lobby Bar, I was struck with how Emily is so friendly and welcoming. We chatted for awhile, so as to not overwhelm you, I've broken the interview up into three parts. Here's a peek into my interview with Emily - Part One:



Heather: What is your favorite mid-century piece that you have?
Emily Henderson: Well, I got my sofa at the The Good Mod in Portland. At the time I didn't have very much money. He sold it to me for $900 including shipping. Now, looking back, even if it were $2000 I would have bought it again. I love that sofa.

Photo Credits: Emily Henderson & Laure Joliet

Do you have a favorite mid-century piece or designer?
EH: I like Mid-century, I don't like a whole room of it, I get a little sick of so much of the Danish stuff, or the American made Danish. I like anything Milo Baughman, 70's Moroccan stuff. One of my favorite spaces is the Parker in Palm Springs, it was designed 8 years ago and it's still amazing. Right now I'm obsessed with and I have been for awhile 70's Brazilian furniture slings and stuff. Can't get enough of right now and it's really hard to find. There are good places that have knock-offs or reproductions. But the originals are hard, they aren't American - made.

There is so much mid-century everywhere you look, that will eventually die out, what do you think is the next new trend in design?
EH: The 80's, saturated colors, matching upholstery to your drapes, in an over-the-top way. I don't even know if I could do it! I will for the show, but I don't know if I will for me. It's so much a commitment and both things are very expensive. I think that 80's florals, but in an updated version will be really big in upholstery. Eclectic is not going away, we don't need to worry about all-of-a-sudden, everything changing, but the seventies are back now, and the 80's are back in fashion, which means that they will come back in home very soon, that's what happens. Fashion is always two-years ahead, because you don't have to commit, where with furniture it's a much bigger commitment. 80s is the cheap version of the 30s furniture, The 30s were really round arms, curved backs, large-scale, lots of color and kind of gaudy. 80's furniture is inspired by the 30s but they did such a bad job of it, except for the higher end stuff. So now, when I see something I'm not sure if it's 80s or 30s, but I like it.
Photo Credit: Amanda Friedman & Chimay Bleue

It is funny when you see something andyou're not quite sure when it was from, and you're wondering do Ilove it or hate it? Didn't you tweet about that?
EH: Yes, it's hard and kind of terrifying!When something is inexpensive, I get confused.
I agree, it is really hard! That's whenthe trigger finger comes into play, I know I don't have it, do you?
EH: Yes, I am such a sucker for stuffthat's weird or that I haven't seen before. That's when I haveproblems not buying because then I'm afraid I'll regret it. If it'sjust a beautiful piece, then I know it's great, we needit. But if it's so weird, then I don't know. Will I regret for therest of my life not having this weirdness? In general, my gut ispretty good. But the end of the day after 9 hours at the flea market.I'll make such mistakes. Especially cheap mistakes, I rarely makeexpensive mistakes.  
Photo Credit: Emily Henderson & Orlando Soria



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Happy Friday!