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Chris' Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table // Share the DIY Love

Today's DIY Love post is by my husband Chris.  He is a full time picker who buys mid century furniture, industrial items, and makes repurposed furniture.  You can read all about his finds and creations on his blog and you can purchase them at his Etsy shop.  His guest post is about a reclaimed wood coffee table he made.  Take it away Chris!

Chris:  Welcome to my reclaimed wood coffee table tutorial.  This project is very affordable compared to what you might pay at retail for a similar table.  I got all of the wood for $13 at a salvage yard and I took the hairpin legs off of a bench that I bought at an estate sale for $15.

What you will need: 

Approximately 32' of 1''x4 or 1''x6'' reclaimed lumber
80, 120, & 220 grit sand paper
Minwax wood stain
Wood glue
18 gauge nails
10''-12'' tall hairpin legs



Measuring tape & square

Mitre saw
Orbital Sander
Air Compressor & nail gun



I started by making the frame.  The corners were cut at a 45 degree angle.  Next I cut each piece of the top of the coffee table. They were cut to fit within the frame diagonally at a 45 degree angle. 
All of these cuts were made with my mitre saw.
 Sanded each top piece with 80, 120, & 220 grit sand paper
Top pieces were stained with Minwax Natural Stain


 The top pieces were then nailed and glued in place. 
Finally they were clamped while the glue dried for 24 hours
I left the frame in its natural state to maintain the "recaimed" look


 After this final picture was taken I cleaned off the visable wood glue remnants.


Mar302011 hot right now!

If you would have asked me a year ago, what mid-century furniture looked like, I wouldn't have had a clue. However, since I've been visiting design blogs, furniture stores, and mags, I've noticed this word popping up a lot. Chris is in the moving/flipping biz (he buys things for cheap on craigslist and then turns around and sells it for at least double), we have begun to seek out mid-century furniture from people who were like me a year ago!

Last week, Chris made an amazing find:

 image 2183171089-1

Mysteriously, he bought it in exchange for a pack of beer, the guy was thirsty and had no idea. 
I tried to convince him for us to keep it and I could reupholster it, however, he wanted his instant cash! He had to be patient, but we were able to sell it for $200. That made for one happy C.

While I was searching for craft studios in my area, I found a great place called 3 Fish Studios created by a husband and wife duo, Annie & Eric. They sell affordable paintings and prints, many about and inspired by San Francisco. They also host classes Linocut Printmaking Classes on Saturdays. I can't wait to take one! 

One of their lines features all Mid Century Furniture. Click on that link to see it! 


dear hancock

I've always had a fondest for pretty things. Growing up, I poured over the American Girl catalogs, studying the outfits and prices. Pressing flowers with a press my dad made for me was always a delight. I wanted to be an amazing artist and I tried my hardest at drawing, but this talent never seemed to "stick" to me very well. 

Now, that I work at Paper Source and I'm constantly seeing new greeting cards and paper designs, and as I pour through many blogs that are consistently introducing new designs and textiles, I've become overwhelmed with the amount of beautiful papers and stationary at my fingertips (a la l'internet)!

This morning, I was admiring the sneak peek of designers Gwendolyn Mason & Ernest Merrit (what, names!) over at Design*Sponge. Their home is so simple, modern, and elegant. It seems to embody their style, as their work is a perfect mirror image of their home. Click on the link above and you will see these chairs in almost every picture. I hope they are as comfy as aesthetically pleasing to my eyes!

This husband and wife duo own their own business called Dear Hancock. Here are a few of their designs: Click here to check out their website!

 I thought Cindy would love this turtle! 

I absolutely feel in love with the desks! I ordered this one: Desk With Craft Projects
I'm definitely going to frame it and put it over my craft desk!