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A Picker's Trip

That's right, I'm now a picker! Not really, I'm really helping Chris grow our business and upholstering many items. We've been so slammed with work and projects, so much so that I'm now a full-timer. I'm no longer working retail hours at Collage, which really has freed me up to work on our business, Remnant. I'm really excited to be making this transition and it will be exciting to see where Chris and I end up! I'm still going to be teaching at Collage and Modern Domestic, I love staying connected to my teaching roots and being in the art community. 

So to celebrate my new career and our 7th anniversary, we went on a picker's trip to the coast. What's this, you ask? Basically we stopped at every thrift shop, antique store, and anyone selling on the side of the road. This proved to be much fun! It was a little fighting against the clock since we only had two days, stores are only open until 5pm, and over 300 miles! 

One of the first places we stopped at was this super crazy shop. Yes, it was actually a shop, even though it looked like a hoarder's home, and most of the merchandise was on the floor. One of the pieces Chris really wanted was a drawer industrial metal unit that was empty. However, even though it wasn't in use the owner was unwilling to sell. I was able to buy these cute sea green child's school chairs. Even though it was a crazy spot, we were glad we stopped! 

There were many pieces that we passed up, but considered buying. It's always hard on a trip like this, because you never know what you will find and there is only so much room in the car. Also, some pieces are just to expensive, but it's always fun to look and learn about more items. 

We ended the first day in Tillamook, Oregon. The town was super cute with lots of quilt blocks on many of the buildings! I caught a few photos of some of the blocks. The tradition started only a few years ago according to a local and she said that "it has gotten a little out of hand!" I thought it made the town unique! We did stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, it was a little disappointing, as the tours were all "self-guided" aka loud videos played on a loop. But we did get to taste lots of yummy cheese samples! 

The next morning, we hit up the thrift stores in Tillamook and continued up along the coast. We found a few small items: ice bucket, chalkboard, vintage board games, and a cute teak candleholder. But what we were really excited to find these pieces: 

Chris loved the rolling armchair since it seems super unique, and I loved this project piece. I'm currently reupholstering this lounge chair with red upholstery fabric. It's turning out great! But the real find was this authentic George Nelson Bubble Lamp from 50s - 60s! I haven't seen Chris grin this big in a long time. It truly is special to bring something out of a thrift store and put it in it's right place! 

Overall, it was such a fun trip and we were able to fill my car to the brim! Many of the items will be for sale at next month's Portland Flea on September 16th, and some are currently for sale on etsy

*Don't forget I'm teaching three vintage craft classes at this month's Portland Flea, I won't do this very often so catch them while you can! Click here for all of the details.*


Flea Market Finds >> 21

Lately, life and projects have been so busy that on my days off, I'm very focused on the huge list of current projects happening. This has left no room for flea markets, garage or estate sales. However, this last week I was thrilled to be able to attend a few. 

At the first sale, there were these gorgeous fans that work perfectly. The little GE fan is quiet and perfect! They had lots of old books and I couldn't pass up this 1883 Treasures Use and Beauty book. There are beautiful illustrations in it and the cover is incredible. I plan to photocopy some of the photos and make a collage out of some of them. 

I've been eyeing crewel embroidery for some time now. I have one of my mom's pieces, and I picked up and sold an amazing tree piece recently.  Jamie from Owl Really, and Grace from Design*Sponge all just blogged about it. Trend alert?! I think we'll be seeing lots more of it in the next few months! 

At two sales there was lots of fabric to drool over. Many of these will be used in upholstery projects and some will be made into pillows. My sewing list continues to grow! ;) I also could NOT pass up this beautiful Diane Von Furstenberg scarf - $1! 

Kitchen wares to sell at Antique Alley and Portland Flea

If you can believe it all of these sales occurred on Thursday and Friday. Sometimes I seriously wonder about this city! At every sale Friday, there were tons of people (at one, 100 people were in line before the door opened!). I'm convinced Friday is the new Saturday for garage sales! 

Happy Hunting! 


Portland Flea Recap // July

Portland Flea is definitely a highlight of every month! It's lots of work, but always so rewarding. Chris and I are really enjoying working together on our joint-venture, Remnant. Portland Flea is an monthly event held at an event space, Union/Pine. There are about 30 vendors that make this event truly special. If we didn't vend ourselves, we'd attend all day! ;) Mark your calendars for next months, Sunday, August 19th 10am - 4pm. 

This month, we had four truck loads of merchandise, it was a little more than packed! But the stand out piece was this sofa that Chris and I completely reupholstered. New cushy batting, new upholstery even down to the covered buttons. To say that I enjoyed putting this together is an understatement. I'm so thrilled with how this piece turned out, you will be seeing lots more to come! **Tomorrow, I'll have the complete before and after plus process shots**

Throughout this month, Chris kept falling in love with lamps. It became a joke, because he was constantly coming home with more lamps! We could have changed our name to The Lighting Factory. 

Do you have a favorite piece?


Flea Market Finds >> 20

Before jumping into this week's finds, I wanted to let you all know that my Retro Modern Quilt has been nominated Best Applique Quilt and Best ROYGBIV Quilt in the Bloggers Quilt Festival! Please hope over here to vote for my quilt. Thanks so much! 

On to this week's finds: 

What can I say? I love drinking glasses! It's one of my favorite items to purchase. While there were only three I couldn't leave them behind! Orange and starburst together? Too good to be true. :) I have this measuring glass in red that I use in my kitchen. 

Pastel Measuring spoons... one to keep and one to sell! 

Remember having stationery sets like these? Write on the back side of the paper, fold it up, and then send it! So easy! I like that these may need to make a come back! 

I love Christmas and all of the decorations! Many sales have a whole Christmas room! Sometimes I dig through and don't find anything, but this time I couldn't leave without one Christmas tablecloth. There were many but this Poinsettia was in perfect condition and the price was right! 

Textiles are such a fun treasure to shift through, while many people are fighting there way through the sale, you can find me in the bedroom looking through many textiles. I don't find many that I like, but this one is just perfect. The shapes look like mid-century homes to me . I plan on using this to make a pair of pillows. 

I can never leave without one sheet set! I couldn't resist these stripes! 

Happy Thrifting! 

I'm linking up to Her Library Adventures, check out all of the other Flea Market Finds there! 



Portland Flea Recap

This past weekend was such a whirlwind! Getting ready for the first Portland Flea of the season, while juggling everything else was a challenge but well worth it! Chris and I had a blast vending and we sold lots of amazing stuff. It's really fun seeing people leave super excited about the items they purchased from our booth. Save the date for June 16th at Union/Pine. Here's a peek into our Remnant booth: