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Easter Craft Round Up

Throughout this past week, I've been seeing so many great Easter projects that today I thought I'd round up some of my favorites. It's fun to see a new spin on traditional crafts. In the past, I usually dye a few eggs and pick up some pretty flowers to arrange. This easter I'm crafting more because of all the inspiration around me. Do you craft at Easter? What do you normally make? Which project is inspiring you the most? 


one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ fivesix ~ seven 








Glittered Eggs // Living Martha Stewart Living

April's issue of Martha Stewart Living is full of great ideas for Easter. It contains lots more craft ideas (sorry March, there wasn't much to do from your issue!). To kick it off, here's a great little do it yourself project with neon glitter! What could be better?

First, dye the eggs a variety of colors. I used a simple dying kit that I bought at Target, the cups made it uber convient. Using a paintbrush, brush craft glue onto the egg. Tacky glue works great! With a piece of paper underneath the egg, pour glitter over the entire egg, making sure to get every spot! Let dry for 30 minutes. 

Enjoy your glittered eggs!