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DIY // Embossed Business Cards

First off, thank you all so much for weighing in on our Remnant logo decision. By far the most votes went to #3 and 4. Which was funny because #3 was my favorite and #4 was my least favorite! We still might use #4 for a few other pieces, especially since it's the same font, but I love the boomerangs so we went ahead with this design. 

We had the BEST experience with getting a custom stamp made from Atlas Stamps here in Portland. I emailed the design to Atlas and he had the custom stamp ready the very next day for only $27! A steal! I had a huge fiasco the last time I tried to have a custom stamp made through a vendor on etsy, it cost $40 and it took litteraly two months, and there is a section that doesn't stamp cleanly. So after that experience, I couldn't be more thrilled with this new experience and I highly recommend Atlas! You can also order online! 

On to the DIY! If you are looking to make new business cards, but don't have the money to do something special like letterpress or custom printing. Embossing your cards is a great and easy way to make lots of business cards for not much money. I choose black and white because I love how sharp the white looks on the black card! 


- Business Cards: I bought these a Paper Source to save time. I could have cut all of the cards from 8.5x11, but I wanted to make sure that they were perfectly straight and I currently don't have the time to do that. They are $2 a pack of 25 cards, not to shabby. I bought four packs to make 100 cards

- Custom Stamp: from Atlas stamps $27

- Embossing Powder: $4.75

- Heat Tool: I have one on hand - ($25)

- Versamark Stamp Pad: on hand -  ($8)

Total: $40 for 100 business cards - (if you don't have a heat tool and stamp pad - $73)

*Tip: Flick the back of the card with your index finder to remove excess powder! *

Hold the heat tool 2-3 inches away from the card, watch closely as the powder melts. Once all of the powder has melted, allow the image to cool for 30 seconds. Viola! You have an embossed business card! 

I hope that you enjoy making your own business cards! If you use this tutorial, please add a pic to my flickr pool! I'd love to see your own creativity! 



San Francisco Snapshots

It's funny how things strike you differently when you've been away from some time. While I was home, my best friend, Kirsten took me to the city for a day of fun and shopping. It was such a treat to walk around San Francisco and become inspired all over again. 

one ~ Good old BART! I grew up riding this, and it hasn't changed a bit. // two ~ view of San Francisco from BART, I forgot how crowded it is! // three & four ~ a quick stop at the flower mart with Kirsten, she's a florist rock star! // five ~ ceiling of Forever 21! they seriously don't make buildings like they use to! // six ~ I new heart in sf! This is on the corner of Union Square, a new favorite. // Seven ~ Kirsten and I's jewelry haul! // Eight ~ and finally we use so many fashionistas. However, this is a case of vintage gone bad. 

This window installation has seriously still been on my mind. I love the simplicity of the materials and the stunning effects. I'm going to try something like this but make it into a bag. Wouldn't that be stunning?

More inspiration...Upon arrival back home to Portland, I've been on the search for the perfect chain to recreate this necklace! My shopping habits have now officially changed. Instead of shopping to buy, I shop to be inspired to create. :) 

What have you been inspired by lately? 


Fabric Drawer Liners // Guest Post

Today, Krista from Blue Eyed Yonder is here to share Fabric Drawer Liners. She says the sweetest things about me, but I could say the exact same about her! Check out her amazing site and business! It really is quite impressive! Krista, thank you so much for sharing this awesome idea with us! 
First things first, I just have to say how much I adore Heather. She and I met at Alt Design Summit and I was instantly attracted to her fun demeanor and crafty style. I saw she kept her business cards in a vintage sewing tin and it was love at first sight! So naturally I was flattered when Heather asked me to guest post for Joy of All Crafts!
Just a wee bit about me, I’m Krista of Blue Eyed Yonder and I’m addicted to all things vintage. I run a vintage rental business in Atlanta, GA and love to collect and scour the southeast for hidden gems and fun pieces. When I’m not out searching for the next great treasure, you can usually find me knee deep in some kind of creative shenanigans. It's pretty much what I live for.
Today I've got a fun DIY to share. I spent quite some time searching the web for unique drawer liners when I finally decided to make them myself. I found this fun fabric on sale and just had to buy it. I didn't know what I would do with it, but after seeing how funky and fresh it was inside the dresser, I just knew a purpose had been found. It's not like many people will ever see the inside of my drawers, not to mention, I plan to have clothes and other odds and ends in the there, but details matter. It's little hidden surprises like funky, scented drawer liners that puts a smile on my face.
What You Will Need:
Fabric (enough to cover drawer bottoms)
Liquid Fabric Stiffener
Mrs. Meyer's Ironing Spray
Double Sided Tape or Spray Adhesive
Begin by diluting the Liquid Fabric Stiffener with water in a large bowl.
Submerge fabric in the stiffener mixture until completely coated.
Ring all excess liquid from the fabric and then lay completely flat to dry. Once dry, the diluted fabric stiffener will make the fabric feel heavily starched, with the flexibility similar to cardstock paper.
Before the fabric was completely dry, I sprayed it with Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Ironing Spray and gave it a quick press with the iron to smooth out all of the wrinkles.
At this point, the fabric will be dry and stiff, making it very easy to cut. Measure your drawer bottoms and cut fabric accordingly.
To secure fabric in the bottom of the drawers, you can either use double sided tape around the edges or a light application of spray adhesive. I chose to use the double sided tape so I can easily change the fabric later with no sticky residue.
Easy peezy lemon squeezy. Now I have darling drawer liners with the wonderful aroma of lavender.
While searching for drawer liners, scented sachets and such, I stumbled upon many wonderful and clever ways to freshen up dresser drawers. Here are a few of my favorites:
  1. Place a new bar of scented soap in your drawer. Not only will it fill your drawer with a delightful smell, it will also give the soap time to dry out making it last much longer in the shower.
  2. Give drawers a fresh air fragrance by tucking a new dryer sheet under drawer liner or tape one to the back of each drawer.
  3. Have empty perfume bottles? Remove the cap and leave the empty bottle open in your drawer, your clothes will thank you.
  4. Save perfume samples from magazines. It's and easy and free way to freshen up a drawer.
Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to add? What's your secret to great smelling drawers?
Photos by KHJ + CMJ

DIY Inspiration // Guest Post

Colleen from Inspired to Share is here today to share some DIY inspiration with us! I first met Colleen via twitter, and then at Alt, she is as sweet as can be! I really enjoyed getting to know her and her inspirations. She blogs daily about design, food, and living well! I love her Dream Job series and I'm currently inspired by her new healthy way of living. Thanks for popping in, Colleen! 


While I haven't made much time for DIY projects lately, here are a few that I would love to try soon. Sometimes I just wish I could work on DIY projects all day. I would have a toold shed and an adundance of supplies and it would be a pretty amazing life. 

Hope you're inspired to give one of these a try! xo

(one: jar decal labels, two and three: ikea and H&M clock, shelf, four: yarn-wrapped bottles, five: dip-dye stool, six: his & hers heart pillowcases)


Mid-Century Notebook // DIY

I recently picked up these amazing mid-century shapes stamps from Judikins at the Portland Rubber stamp show. You can order from them these stamps online - they have lots of retro stamps to choose from! Once, I got these, I knew I wanted to use them in a special way. Why not add some flair to these simple notebooks? Here's a quick and easy project that you can do with any type of stamp! 


I used moleskin notebooks, dye based ink pad, and stamps. Use a dye-based ink pad so that the ink will not rub off or smudge. It dries very quickly, much more than a pigment-based ink pad. 

Start the pattern by stamping off of the page. Stamp the front and back covers.

Add washi tape to add some color and pop to the spine. 


I'm loving this eames replica pattern stamp!


Some projects don't always turn out as expected. I had tried to image transfer using a blender pen onto the cover of this notebook, but it didn't work how I had wanted it to. The colors and pattern were not bright enough. I didn't want to waste this notebook, so washi tape comes to the rescue! Covering the notebook turned out to give the perfect result! 

Even though I have an iPhone, there is nothing like actually writing down notes. I've found that the process of writing helps me remember tasks and ideas. Even if I don't refer to the notes, the act of writing it down helps solidify it in my mine. Making these notebooks is just the inspiration I needed to start getting more organized and making lists! I'm planning on using one as an idea notebook, another as a weekly planning/to-do list, and the other for various thoughts. Usually, I only carry one notebook, but it's never vary organized as there are too many subjects/different uses occurring in the same notebook. My dad always has had multiple notebooks going at once, I think I'll follow in his foot steps this time! 

What do you use to stay organized? Do you use a notebook?