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DIY // Tiny Glass Bottles


Have you seen these tiny glass bottles? At collage, we sell them and everyone is immediately enamored! But they also beg the question: How do I use them? So I thought I'd play around with them myself and also round up some ideas! 
Wax Sealed Perfume/Potion Bottles
I made a little "potion" (various oils mixed together) to fill the bottles. But you could pour perfume or essential oils inside and use it as a perfume bottle. Here's how:
If that doesn't inspire you, here's a few more ideas: 
one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five



Andi's Cork Spheres // Share the DIY Love


Today I'm really excited to introduce you to, Andi of All Put Together! Andi and I met through Blogging Your Way e-course, she has a lovely blog where she shares some of her passions: home decor, fashion, entertaining, travel, and food, usually with a DIY spin. So naturally she has lots of great ideas to share with us! Currently, Andi just posted about decorating with tea cups, I never knew I could love tea cups so much! 

Heather Joy: What is your favorite DIY project and what inspired you to make it?

Andi: My favorite DIY project are decorative balls made from recycled wine corks. I was inspired to do this project last spring after walking by an Anthropologie store display that featured many different sized decorative cork balls hanging in the windows. Anthropologie always has the most inspiring and creative displays that often translate well into the home.

Did you know right away that you wanted to try and make it?  

The Anthropologie window display was so visually interesting that I knew instantly I wanted to make a cork ball myself. Everyone that passed the store stopped to look at and admire the cork balls. I thought something that garnered that much attention was worth creating and placing in my home!

Did you love it on the first try? Or did it take a few attempts until you were happy with the result?

This project is very easy, therefore there was really no trial and error when I made it. The only thing that was a bit tricky was determining how many corks I needed to cover the ball – in the end it was a lot more than I anticipated.

Where is it now? Do you have a special place for it in your home?

Currently, the decorative cork ball sits on the bookshelf in my bedroom. I like to change the decorations around in my home quite often, so the cork ball has also lived on a shelf in the kitchen and on a beverage cabinet in the living room.     

What do people say about your favorite project? Does it stand out as a conversation piece? 

The decorative cork ball is such a unique piece that it always gets positive comments from guests. Most people like to save their corks, but have no idea what to do with them. Once they see the decorative cork ball, they always feel inspired to go home and create one themselves.

Rate the difficulty level on a scale from one (total craft novice - super easy) to 5 (crafter extraordinaire required - very difficult). This craft project is very easy – anyone that can operate a glue gun can make a cork ball. Just make sure to handle the cork ball with care as you make it. Because the corks are attached to a Styrofoam ball, if you press too hard when applying, you can dent the surface of the ball.

Is there anything else you would to share about your favorite DIY project?

Many people ask me where I get my corks from. I was lucky enough to have family and colleague that save corks. However, if you are not fortunate enough to have a slew of winos in your circle, you can purchase used corks on eBay quite easily.

Thanks so much, Andi, for stopping by! I can't wait to give this project I try myself. :) 

Click here for Andi's full tutorial!