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Before & After // Kodawood Chair

Last weekend, we picked up many chairs at a sale, I wanted to start on this chair first. At first glance all you see is the ugly fabric, but then you see the beautiful lines! In addition to it needing an overall, the bottom springs were broken. As I started to strip off the old fabric, this beautiful vintage fabric was underneath the top portion of the seat. I contemplated leaving it, but soon discovered the bottom seat did not have this vintage fabric. So, off everything went! Surprisingly, the back of the top portion has a beautiful wood finish. Previously this had been hidden by the fabric. I decided to keep with the original wood. 

After stripping everything, re-webbing the bottom seat, and installing new foam cushions, I chose this fun, textured, orange fabric. One of the hardest parts of upholstery is choosing the fabric (I've been known to spend days searching all of the fabric stores in Portland)! However, this piece was pretty easy, I had picked up this orange fabric previously and I knew this would be the right piece to use it on. I love how the colors of the wood and fabric play off of one another. 

Hopefully, you all aren't getting tired of my reupholstery photos! I have a great one coming up tomorrow! :) If you're interested in purchasing this chair, it's for sale here. 



Reupholstery // Vintage Dining Room Chairs

I must confess...I hate reupholstering. Don't get me wrong I love a good before and after and I'm always thrilled with the outcome. However, it's the process that really gets to me. With quilting and sewing I love the process, deciding which prints should go together, sewing them on my machine, etc. But with upholstery the process consists of a lot of pulling, tugging, hand cramps with the staple gun, sometimes blood, always sweat, and maybe a few tears. This project really was no different.

These chairs were screaming to be reupholstered! Save me from my 80's doom! Chris and I decided to play it safe and buy some black vinyl for this project from the amazing Fabric Depot (I don't know what we'd do without it!).

Aren't they beautiful now! I'd love to keep them, but this is how we make our living after all. They will be for sale soon. Check out Chris's site for updates.

Will I take on my projects in the future? Of course, I'm currently working on making cushions for a settee. But it doesn't mean that I'll always enjoy the process. However, mayble there will come a day where I'll eventually begin to love the process, perhaps it will include an airgun stapler! ;)