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Alt Summit // From Blog to Book


Books have an amazingly special quality that I feel can not be replaced. I love looking through books and tagging the pages with a post-it. Highlighting is one of my favorite hobbies! Lately, it seems to be that design and craft books are on the rise. Even though, I don't have the passion to write a book, many bloggers are getting the book bug. I find the whole process fascinating, I couldn't wait to attend this seminar to find out more. 
The panel consisted of: Julia Rothman, Kate Woodrow of Chronicle Books, Grace Bonney of Design Sponge, Amy Butler, and Lia Ronnen of Artisan Books
This panel was the most through and had the most inventive presentation. They organized it as chapters of a book, and Julia Rothman illustrated all of the slides. Here's what stuck with me: 
  • Know about every other book in your same category - read through as many as possible
  • Look at reader's comments on Amazon and other sites, so see if they have questions on something that was potentially missed
  • When picking a publisher, go with who understand your voice the most. Make sure that they give you time, effort, and attention! Take time to decide if it's a right fit. 
  • When picking an agent, date them! Know if they can connect you with the right people, and if you can work well with them. 
  • Know what to expect up front - ask lots of questions! 
  • Organize your book production - allow extra time for creativity 
  • Envision your cover early! Show examples of covers you like and don't like
  • Growing more now, you as the author need to promote your book! 
  • Writing a book helps legitimize your name/brand. 
Overall, the emphasis was that writing a book is lots of hard work, time, and money! You don't write a book to make lots of money, make sure that it's something you really, really want before diving into it!


For another recap of this seminar, Chronical Books did a storify recap made up of tweets! Click here to check it out. :) 

Happy Wednesday! 



Alt Summit // Business Cards


I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah! As I flew in yesterday morning, my jaw dropped as I saw the beautiful mountains. They are so close to downtown, you feel like you can touch them! 
While I'm at Alt Summit, (meeting other bloggers, learning tons about this growing industry, and enjoying being treated amazingly well) I thought I'd share with you some of the projects that I've been working on the past couple of weeks. 
The genius minds of the Alt creators held online classes in preparation for Alt. One of the class that really opened my eyes was on business cards. It taught that this is the way to make a good first and lasting impression, that your business card should be co-hesive with your blog and they gave lots of tips on how to accomplish this. I knew that I needed to make my cards look more like my blog and really focus on branding myself. As a budding graphic artist, I also wanted to design and make everything myself as that says the most about me! 
I played around in photoshop with my header and found the circle with my new favorite font RawengulkSans! I like how the circle gently hints at "all encompasses" crafts and I love the simplicity of it. I wanted to make something with clean lines and not too much going on, because I knew I needed to sew fabric onto the card someway. 
1. I love the idea of having a unique shape for the card. The banner tag had me swooning. However, if I wanted to sew fabric onto the card, it seemed to be too much. The confetti behind the text also seemed to be over the top. I needed to edit. 
2. I paired down the design and then started to play around with materials/colors to print on. I tried vellums, chipboard, gray cardstock, etc. 
3. To pink or not to pink! I love playing around with pinking shears, but in the end I didn't feel that this design was as clean and simple as I wanted. 
The first fabric, I fell in love with. However, the scales was a bit bit and the colors didn't quite match what I wanted. I love the vintage feel of the two fabrics on the right, plus the scale of the print is perfect for this small card.
Final Product!
I made a little over 100 of these, it was a labor of love, but I'm really thrilled with the outcome. I've handed a few out and the question that everyone keeps asking is "Which company made these?" To be able to say "I did" is super special and everyone is so surprised! I love that it speaks directly to what I make and do. :) 
Before I go, here's a couple pics from my trip so far. Be sure to follow me on twitter, like my facebook page and/or follow me on instagram. I've been tweeting and posting pictures a lot! I'll continue to tweet about the seminars and everything that's happening at Alt! Next week, I'll also have multiple posts sharing this experience with you! :) 

*Notice my new glasses!
* The gift bag was a gift box! I couldn't be more thrilled that my cards were in some of these gems! (More on that later)
Happy Thursday!