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365 project: March 28 - April 3

Happy April! 
This year is flying by! I have lots planned to post about this week, I'm looking forward to sharing them with you. As for right now, I'm off to bed!
Here are my pictures for the week:

My sewing space, busy planning out new blocks for the modern quilting guild (more on this later this week). 

Flyers from the flower show that I don't want to lose or forget about! My new memory device: pictures! 

Yes, another computer's pretty much all I've done this week! 

Happy Spring! 

Super cute story: one of my students surprised me at Paper Source (while I was working) and delivered this pink berry treat for me! She had called the store to find out when I was working...isn't that so cute for a 5th grader?! I'm pretty spoiled by my students...

Peet's wins the frothy foam oscar! 

Weekend is over, sun has set, and life is good! 


365 project: March 21 - 27

 Rainy days are here to stay!! 

Almost done with my window pane floor pillow!  

Painting at Cafe Barrone - is it a sign? See the bird in the right hand corner?  Birds are pretty much the symbol of Portland. Hawthorne is the name of a street in Portland that Chris and I would like to live on or close to. :) 

50's dinner: Jeffery's Hamburgers, decorations - i love the red polka dots! 

enjoying California fruit during spring

new mac book pro! i'm so blessed and thankful!

My favorite pic from the Garden Show


365 project march 7 - 20

Here are the past two weeks, life is getting back to normal and I'm excited to continue blogging this week, I have lots to share! :) 

These are vintage flower garden pieces from a class I took.  
Not mine, these are from one of the other gal's in the class.

Great quote from Holly during my Blogging Your Way

This month's stash of kona solids! Thanks Pink Chalk! 

This makes teaching so worth it! 

My first mood board, not good light, but I like all the bright colors! 

This is Chris pretty much on a regular basis. Truckload of free stuff, turned it around and sold it all within the week for profit! By hard working farmer! (The reference is from the famous painting, American Gothic)

Outdoor Ed has begun! 

My fabulous team of 5th grade teachers!

I loved hiking through the redwoods! 

 Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

 Beautiful! at the Marsh Beach

 Beautiful sky in the city! 


Dogcatcher - check them out! Thanks Kirsten for introducing them to me! 

* disclaimer * Not all of these pics are on the exact date! opps! I'll get better! If they are not on the same day, it's within one day! :) 


365 project: feb. 28 - march 6

this week I haven't looked up much. my head has either been under my sewing machine, computer, or underneath papers to grade and report cards to write. My pictures this week shows my progress in my projects. It's funny, you'd think from looking through my blog that I've always sewed this much! But really, I've been so inspired by so many other bloggers that my own creativity has skyrocketed!
this week, i need to get out more and smell the roses...literally! :) 

I'm currently making a little pincushion that will turn into a "cupcake"! I haven't done much embroidery, (I'm following a pattern), but I like that it's something I can do while watching TV and relaxing. 

As I've been mulling around, I've heard about this thing called the modern quilting guild. It's a new organization that has chapters all over! I looked it up and found that the bay area guild meets in my own Redwood City! They had a challenge called the solid stripe challenge to make blocks using solids. I've joined the Pink Chalk Fabrics Monthly Club where they send me solids each month! So this was a great opportunity to use them!

The result of my stripes! I think I'll make some more of this fun block!

Chris and I went out for a quick dinner and I was drawn in to Cost Plus with their 50% off rug sale! However, the rugs did not impress me, the new industrial tables on casters, did!

Sewing my 'sew' bag!

Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild meeting! I had a great time meeting new people who love to quilt! We were given a tutorial on this mod mosaic technique. I started it out at the meeting and here is my progress: 

I'm loving my floor pillow, it's still in progress...more to come soon!


365 project: February 7 - 13

I made it to week 2! I'm loving this process, I hope that you enjoy these pics! It was much harder to pick which picture I wanted to showcase for each day as I took many pictures on much days. :)

Laid out my fleur de printemps quilt on the bed, it was not sewed together yet, I had to make sure I varied the pattern to make sure than the patterns were evenly spread apart. This process was much more difficult than I thought! 

 My new sewing machine!! I'm in love with it! It practically sews everything itself! This was at Eddie's Quilting Bee (where I bought it) they offer a class to teach you all about your new machine. I learned a few new things, but a lot I already knew. Hopefully, next class I'll learn how to use all of the tricky things!

 My fabric for the back of my quilt arrived!! On Sale! I think it will match perfectly!

These are some lovely thank you notes by Smock  
Click on the link to check out their other amazing letterpress paper.

Friday night dinner! Long wait but worth it!

 Hot Glass! This event is so amazing! Check out Public Glass...more pics & info to come soon....

Chris didn't want me to post this...but I love it! We woke up early in SF as we are spoiled with our mattress at home, that we can't sleep on any other. So we awoke early to walk to the ferry building and sip on some blue bottle coffee. 
That's it for now!