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Field Trip // Maven Collective

A new shop opened last weekend called Maven Collective on 7819 SE Stark St.  Four amazingly creative and impeciable curators (Jacklyn, the original owner of Maven, Kim from Ethanollie, Sue from Solstice Home and Rebekah from Little Byrd Vintage) have assembled to create this shop in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland. Chris and I wanted to check it out and support another new shop, so we went not knowing what to anticipate. We were both blown away by the amazing array of vintage goods. We couldn't leave without purchasing a few goodies of our own! 

...are scattered throughout the shop. I couldn't leave without a little plant of my own. 


Some of my favorite pieces were the...


 Mark your calendars for the Grand Opening! Chris and I plan on stopping by, too.  


Another aspect that I feel is unique to Maven Collective are the unique collections throughout the shop. 

/// I hope you enjoyed this mini-tour of Maven Collective. Like them on facebook to follow their adventures! ///


Shop Announcement // Vintage Design Collective


This morning I'm bubbling over in excitement to tell you that Remnant (my husband and I's vintage furniture business) is opening up in a new Brick & Mortar shop! It's called Vintage Design Collective (website coming soon) and will have 10 vendors showcase lots of great vintage goods! We are so excited to have one of those vendors. 

Portland Flea // October

Here's a little of the back story: Chris and I have been looking to have space in a vintage shop for over a year now. We really wanted to pick the right spot that would be the best fit for our esthetic. There are many vintage shops in Portland, but they are either not the right fit or did not have any open space. A couple months ago, a friend of ours told us he was planning to open a new shop and would love to have us be part of it. After planning and praying, we are taking the plunge! You see over the past year, we've always sold at Portland Flea, etsy, and craigslist. But for anyone who has sold on craigslist you know the headache of no-shows and posting. I'm also extra anxious to get most of our house back!! We'll still use it to store some pieces and of course work on more, but it won't overtake 80% of our home. I think I might be able to actually get more work done! ;) 

Be sure to follow us on our new site/blog:, as all of the info will be posted there. (Also for more pics of yesterday's Portland Flea!) But I just had to share here with all of my faithful followers that have been seeing this progress and transition. Thanks so much! 


Book Review // Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters 

Through volunteering on the PMQG board, I was given the opportunity to read & review Angela's first book "Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters." 

First of all, I've always been intimidated by free-motion quilting, I had the misconception that there were only a couple of patterns that were attainable with my limited free-motion abilities. This book blew wide open that misconception. Angela has 28 designs that are easy to follow and use on our own quilt. She includes variations and modern alternatives for many of the designs.  I love the step-by-step illustrations clearly showing the pattern and offering techniques for execution.

Being a fan of any mid-century design, I was thrilled to find many patterns that appeal to that aesthetic. Here's a look at some of the designs I tried out: 


Definitely got better as time goes on! That's what Angela encourages throughout this book, practice! I found it extremely fun to just focus on the quilting pattern, rather than piecing. Have you ever done this? Buy the book and try it out! 
Finally, Angela devotes a few sections to answering the age old question "How should I quilt this?" She also gives many wonderful suggestions for how to best use quilting designs to enhance modern piecing designs. I really learned from this book how much the quilting of a quilt can really enhance the overall design. I'm really excited to put some of these designs to use with my current quilting projects. I'd highly suggest that this book needs to be in your quilting library! 
Thank you, Stash Books for giving me a review copy!



Quilter, Upholsterer, ... Sewist?

The first two terms I've whole hearted accepted and can show evidence to the fact that I am these names. I've made many quilts, and love the process of designing, choosing fabrics, making patterns (or following), assembling, quilting, and finally binding the quilt. Upholstering is still a new process that I'm learning, but I'm enjoying the journey and learn more and more with each piece that I complete. Sewing fabric is something I love to do!

I've never self-described myself as a sewist since this implies I sew clothes. Now I've had a few attempts at sewing clothes over the years. In my teens, I'm pretty sure that I sewed a pair of cargo pants that I never wore, and a vibrant pink floral skirt for my cousins wedding. Last year I attempted to sew a dress for Alt, I wore it, but the fit was awful and I mostly covered the top with a cardigan, and never showed it to my lovely readers here! ;)

However, this may all change! I've been enamored with Colette patterns for a few months now. Sarai Mitnik is a Portland local and designs beautiful vintage inspired sewing patterns. I've followed her blog for awhile (an amazing source of sewing tips) and at Modern Domestic they use many of her patterns in their classes. Being surrounded by this talent has let myself think that perhaps I can do this too? I'll admit I'm pretty skeptical, but with the help of the talented ladies at Modern Domestic and Bolt, I think this is happening!

What motivated me to attempt this now, is in January I'm going to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of a amazing friend, Kirsten. She has opted to give the bridesmaids a color palette and choose out their own dress. Then this crazy idea popped into my head that I should sew my own dress! After a few weeks (ahem, months) I've decided to take the plunge.

Last week, I went into Bolt (our local fabric store) and picked through many of the patterns and decided that the Crepe dress designed by Colette Patterns would be a good pattern to start with. I was just going to get the pattern and muslin to first draft out the dress in muslin before buying expensive pretty fabric for the real dress. However, Hannah suggested that I buy their sale fabric and use that as my muslin practice dress instead. This way if it turns out I could actually wear it! I left feeling excited and ready to get started!

Hannah suggested that I trace the pattern onto pattern paper so that if I need a different size/alterations I won't have cut into the pattern. After I did that, I then cut all of the pieces out with a rotary cutter. This made the process of cutting out so much easier! I had never done that before but on the Colette website, she suggests this method.


Another reason, I chose Colette patterns, is the beginner friendly layout of the patterns. Within each pattern is a booklet of really detailed and easy to read directions, with well-illustrated pictures.

Also, there are links to more photos for certain directions. Finally, in the back there is a pocket for the patterns and a place for notes.

Have you heard of or used Colette Patterns before? What has been your experience?

I'll be sure to post my progress! Fingers crossed!


Current Happenings

So much has been happening lately! Here's my life the past week: 

Working on recovering this beauty of an armchair! (See the before and after on Remnant's blog)


Trying to keep the house/shop clean & decorating our home finally! (Aka hanging art on the walls)


Going to fun Portland Modern Quilt Guild meetings - and planning for upcoming events (Sew, Swap & Sell this Sunday!) I was so inspired by this quilt made by Peggy Nato, from the pattern: Cheddar, No Crackers. I want to make one myself!

Also, Michelle created and designed this amazing quilt, Go-Retro Wool Quilt, that was just featured in Stitch magazine. It's designed after the vintage Cannonburg Temporama (I have the same set, you can see it in the coffee photo above). Yet another quilt to add to my list to make! ;) 

I finished teaching a beginning quilting class at Modern Domestic. Emerging from that class are two new quilters! They did such an amazing job, here they are with their finished quilts: 

While estate saleing, I fell in love with this vintage kitchen! I so wish I could have bought these cabinets and counter tops! They were in amazing condition...I might stalk who buys this home to see if they keep these or not! ;) 

 Ever since I interviewed Emily Henderson, I've been wanting to find/reupholster a sofa in blue velvet. While at Rejuvenation, this gem had just sold, it made me want to attempt a search for my own! 


Tonight, I'm teaching at Collage - glass etching! 

I finally gave in and bought a typewriter! I've seen many around, but I love this one! I'm going to use it to type on our Remnant price tags. It even has the case, owner's manual, and vintage keys (not the plastic ones). I can't wait to get new ribbon and start typing! 

Why no crafts lately?!! I'd love to start working on many projects that are in my head and on my list, but.... 

What I really need to be working on is finishing two baby quilts that I'm incredibly behind on! Plus, making samples for new classes for both Collage and Modern Domestic! Also, this whole year, I've been in charge of the PMQG blog and there is lots to write for that this week!  In addition, actually do my job as upholsterer/marketing/bookkeeping of Remnant. I'm really learning how to juggle everything and I'm so so grateful that this is my job. It's simply a dream! I can not believe that God has given me this incredible opportunity. If someone would have said that I would be working side by side with Chris like this two years ago, I would have said never! It's incredible to think about how much my life has changed, I do miss many aspects of my old life, but excited to see what will continue to happen in the future!